Will I See My Order Before It Ships?

Every order includes a mock-up review before going to production. These are a 2D visualization of the engraving plate with your customization. 

This is your chance to review the spelling, accuracy, and layout of your order before it's produced.

Mock-ups include a scale guide. Zoom in or out on your screen until this line measures exactly one inch. When it does, the engraving plate image will be the exact size as your final product. This will help you determine the size and legibility of your engraving. If you dislike anything about your mock-up, let me know and I will correct it and send a revision. 

Happy with the mock-up? Reply with approval and your item will go to production.

A large amount of time and consideration is placed into preparing each mock-up. Because of this, your order must be placed and paid before the draft is provided.

Production waits for your approval, but not forever.

I will make three attempts to contact you over 10 days. If a response is not received, I will move forward on your order to ensure it does not remain in limbo.

If you need more time to review your mock-up, please ask. I’d be happy to hold the piece until further notice!