Will My Handwriting Work?

Handwriting is not turned away and I will work with what you provide me. With that said, there are a few tips to consider to create the nicest engraving possible.


Every listing includes a word limit recommendation. Stay within this limit. The more writing you add, the smaller it will have to be to fit the engraving plate. Too much writing and the piece will become hard to read.

Listings also include measurements of the engraving plate. Grab a ruler to better visualize space restraints on the item you are considering.


Different writing utensils create vastly different lines. The thickness of your writing will translate to your finished product.

A medium-weight black pen on white paper will result in the nicest engraving.


Consider the height of your handwriting when selecting your jewelry item.

Block letters and modest cursive work best on thin jewelry. Large swooping cursive and exaggerated letter tails work best on pendants or key rings with a large surface area.


Sending a high-quality image with your order helps me accurately copy the writing. See Tips For Photographing My Handwriting

Lastly, I do need the full message you would like engraved written out in your handwriting. I can not mimic handwriting from a small sample.

If you have limited handwriting to choose from, read Can You Build My Handwriting?